When you’re designing a look for a small home, you have to make the most of the space opportunities you have. With a little planning and forethought, you’ll be amazed just how much bigger you can make a room appear. Space has never equated to style and with a few great pieces in the right place, you can really make the most out of your small home, without skimping on the all-important storage. Here are our tips for maximising the potential of your home, no matter the size!

Patterns, woodgrains and finishes

Getting the furniture finish right can make a huge difference in making a room feel more spacious. Teaming together chrome and glass will help reflect light, brightening up surroundings, generally speaking, the better a room is lit, the larger it will feel, glass and chrome can also create an open feel to a room lifting the room and making it feel more airy. If glass and chrome aren’t your thing, or you prefer a more traditional wooden finish, try to pick lighter more natural woods. The darker woods can absorb light and can make a room feel more closed in, so try to stay away from Wenge or Mahogany.

Cambridge Coffee Table


Glassonby Entertainment Centre


Gosport Nest of Tables


Furniture styles

Getting the build right can also play a massive part in making a room flow and feel airy, chunky furniture, especially wide-legged furniture can make a room feel incredibly tight for space, blocking light and killing space behind the item. Try to settle for light furniture with narrow legs, this should allow light to penetrate the full room leaving no dark areas. It seems a silly thing to point out but still makes a huge difference, make sure all of your furniture is placed around the outside edge of the room. This helps maximise your floor space and walkways making the room feel more open.


Cambridge Coffee Table


Boldon Nest of Tables


Boldon Coffee Table


Make it functional

Thinking functionally about your room is one of the best ways to make the most of a tight space. Try to pick pieces that provide dual functionality,  your dining table for instance, could it double up to be a desk (or even better fold up!)? Your coffee table, does it have ample storage space that are either hidden or covered? The less clutter you have the lighter and airy the room will feel. Integrating shelving into your wardrobes could negate the need for a chest of drawers. Whilst things like stackable chairs could save valuable space. Buying functional furniture pieces is a great idea for any home, regardless of room size, butut is particularly attractive to those short on space.


Malham Wardrobe


Soho Squares


Boldon Fitment


Final advice

Store upwards, utilise shelving, hanging baskets, the back of your cupboard door, in fact, the back of any door! Try to fix shelves into nooks, crannies or even into alcoves, this will serve as great places to keep your trinkets safe and on display. Use mirrors to help refract light around your room.

With a little bit of savvy here and there, you can turn that small house into a home.